How to Shutdown a Computer Using Notepad

Very bright in the morning I will try to write articles in English , if I could use the English language ? waw if untried may not be . I continue to just try it , and hopefully my english speaking this is true and there is nothing wrong hehe .

Turning off Windows without clicking the power button , do you believe this ? This can be used to program the most basic of all programs . And this application is a lot of usefulness . Let's do to make this basic application shutdown .


1 . Open notepad on your computer , its location is in the Programs - accessories
2 . Enter this code in notepad shutdown.exe - s - t 60 .

How To Shutdown

 3 . Save the file with .Bat format
See the image

If you want to turn off your computer without pressing the shutdown button , you can use software that you created earlier . This software may not be useful to you , but this is just the knowledge that I gave , I actually do not terlau can speak in English . Because the English language is pleadure , I tried to learn to speak English, Read Also Cara Membuat aplikasi sederhana dengan Notepad

Thank you for visiting my humble blog , if I have a mistake I apologize , I hope what I've shared above was able to provide many benefits to you who have read it .

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